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Remember I told you I was in a FUNK??? Well part of getting out of it means I need more time and to get more time I need to be bit more organized.  As part of a recent review I was offered, I joined AboutOne which is basically and online family management site and let me tell you I am so impressed after only using it 1 day so far!!!!!!! I will be using this program for the next year to keep track of everything.

AboutOne was founded by mom and former software engineer,  Joanne Lang.  As a mother of 4 boys under age 6 she knew how efficient this site could be and she was exactly right!  From the moment I logged on it only took me about 5 minutes to enter all of our family's info.  Each family member is assigned their own home page with all of their information stored on it.

If you click on a family member you get a profile page like you see here with all of their including some things I highlighted below...

1. When you mouse over this section you see fun facts about your child including their birthstone, birthflower, astrological sign, chinese horoscope, and their name's origin

2.  Section allows you to enter their milestones, like first haircut, first tooth whatever you wish.  I've forgotten many of Sofia's and I really wish I had this site 3 years ago!

3.  This section allows you to upload multiple documents like birth certificates, health records or any pertinent info you need to have ready and available to use. AboutOne stores the information with bank-level security!!!

My favorite feature on this sire is that you can print out caregiver sheets for your babysitter or day care.  You don't even have to fill it out.  It just compiles info on it's own that you have entered in other places already.  For privacy reason I blacked out some of the info on Sofia's but you can see your child's DOB, blood type, insurance info, emergency contacts, food allergies or medical conditions and doctor info....all right there at the click of a button.

Most importantly in my opinion is the ease of access and having all the info I need in one place.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I have gone from site to site looking up all of our different doctors and school's contact info. Here I have everything in one place that I need.You can access their site from your mobile at any time and always have that important info on hand! The even have an upcoming feature in which you can create a hardcover album/memory book from photos and milestones you enter on the site! How cool is that?!?!?!?

Since I just started posting about this I will be adding more updates as I continue to use their program.  Click here for a brief introduction and overview to the program and to see what others have said about it!

You can also check them out here:

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